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Consulting Sessions

You have a specific marketing case and you do not know how to address it?

You are a start up in business and you need experienced advisor?

You are looking for a quick assessment of your web performance and possible solutions to guide your marketing actions for the weeks and months ahead? During our One-on-One consulting session, you can ask  whatever you want, from digital marketing advice to specific tourism and hospitality industry issues or any other business developing and managing  advices .

Business Growth


We specialize in growth strategy consulting and help companies avoid the trap of defaulting to repetitive, predictable strategies and instead design vibrant approaches to thrive in an agile, digital, and purpose-driven future.

Traditional strategic planning approaches are designed to kill off innovative growth strategies. Our procedures offers the alternative and effect positively in 3 important ways.

  • We strategize from the future rather than the past.

  • We design for what is possible rather than settle for what is predictable.

  • We view strategy as a vibrant, inclusive conversation rather than a quarterly report.



We spesialize to have multiple actions in the direction to help you reach your professional targets.

We analyze deep the market and your experience ,skills and targets and we modify or redesign your steps .

We are respecting your desires and we are puting them in the same box with a real achievable vision.

Because we dont make maths.

We dont calculate numbers ,we compine logic,experience and creativity and we are giving you your own path!

Are you ready to figure it?

Sales & Customer Care Training

I m counting 14 years in the market,

in  Sales positions on Retail,B2B,Digital,&E-Sales.

Those years I get strong experience in Management ,Development and Training (On the job , Training Plans),

As result of my successfull background I can handle& support innovate,modern ,reliable and effective any request on those subjects.


View of ProjectS

The EYE of Mykonos
Miami SKY
Dubai Globe
California Rebublic & LosT Angeles

Why uS

  • Because we are experienced enough to complete our knowledge,talent and skills (since 2014) and we are NO old fashion

  • Because we are flexible,modern and open minded and every new idea is just a new color for us

  • Because we are extremely creative and glory members of fantasyland

  • Because we are fast learners and we are adapting  quick in any situation

  • Because we are hard workers with adiction on perfection in every detail of the result

  • Because we love your client satisfation and hapiness as our first business priority

  • Because we are not cheap in prices and proudly we provide the most amazing results in the correct cost

  • Because this is your place...the place only for the best ones !

     Take your best smile and come...






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